Summers are all about getting fit and in shape. I know the best site for getting your footwear fix this summer at adorable prices. If you need new shoes for running or for some laps around the pools to get that hot summer body this season, then hop onto L.L. Bean Footwear section and explore their options. Getting branded shoes can burn holes in your pocket, so when it comes to buying sneakers I always look for pocket-friendly options. Running shoes need to be comfortable, durable, and lightweight, it makes it easier to lift the leg up.

For instance, this Women’s Lace Summer Sneaker, lace Up is perfect for running. Available for only $64 and in three different colors, these lightweight sneakers are your “Do it all Pair.”

1-1 Women’s Lace Summer Sneaker

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If these don’t click, then I suggest you get yourself a pair of these women’s Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes. Now they may be slightly overpriced to cost around $140, but they speak class, quality, and comfort like no other. Available in only one color that’s is purple, you should get them.

2-1 Women’s Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes.

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For those of you looking for water sandals or to wear slippers around the pool area, take a look at the Sandals and Water Shoes section. L.L. Bean has got you covered with the best flip-flops and water sandals that have a lightweight rubber sole for chain-tread detailing traction. Now you can also enjoy free shipping on a $50 purchase.