Life is a journey and I like to travel all over the world it gives me positive vibes as always. Last winter I set out a plan to travel to the Czech Republic it has so many beautiful and historical places to see. The temperature was too low so I decided to wear my favorite attire for winter I wore a black and white tiger print shirt inside a black tuxedo along with black Roaman’s Women’s Plus Size Ultrasmooth Fabric Wide-Leg Pant with all this, I wore a long brown  ZAXARRA Women Overcoat with Waistband that was looking very ravishing overall. I also wore a black and grey two-tone scarf all around my neck to protect me from the winter cold. last but not least are the elegant cat-eye glasses that I never forget to wear all these things I bought from Walmart at discounted prices.



While visiting historical I prefer to wear comfortable shoes every time so I go with black lace-up ankle boots that were looking very elegant on my winter dress and to carry my all stuff I carried black fanny pack bag that was looking so classy, Fany pack bags are ever trending and so comfortable to carry I bought these both thing from Walmart.