On my last summer vacation, I went to Hawaii. Hawaii offers a spectacular view of the island, nightlife, shopping, and some of the best beaches on earth it was one of the best trips I had in my entire life. The pleasure of going to the beach is incomplete without Bikini. I wore a Royal blue Bikini swimwear I love this bikini a lot the pants are really nice and comfortable and the top too. I like its color, I like it fits its completely adjustable it has nice material, with this I wore a white loose classic button-down shirt it has a feminine cut its a much wider in between your arms and it fits really comfortably it has round neckline this shirt is so breathable too. The satin head scarf I am wearing is so elegant it has a very beautiful texture and covers my head it protects my head from the scorching beams of the sun. I was feeling like I am swimming with the waves of the sea, my complete beach wear look was so alluring. Sunglasses are an essential part of my daily life, especially in all outdoor activities. These vintage glasses are so pretty. I bought all these things at a very reasonable price from Walmart. 


Wearing these beige anti-slip beach slippers is so comfortable bought them from Walmart too.