I always believe that secrete of beautiful tone skin energetic body is fitness and a healthy routine when we are healthy and beautiful inside we are glowing outside. Eating healthy and daily exercise charges your all body for starting a good day so I start my day with a morning walk. Morning walk boosts energy in all our body and yes the morning fresh air and early sunlight itself has no comparison with any other thing its keeps our body healthy and makes our skin beautiful.


For Indoor Exercise I prefer yoga as it burns more calories than any other indoor workout for me yoga is a very necessary part of my life it tones my body relieves pains and makes my body stretchable and flexible. If we keep yoga practice daily in our routine we do not need to rush to the gym daily because it’s a good supplement to the gym. For yoga, we must have a good Yoga mat its texture material and anti-slip qualities must be checked I bought mine from Walmart for $9.99 only it has 3 mm thickness its light and durable it has two different colors it is portable I can carry it easily where I want its the best i bought so far for my fitness.